Past Elections - Bios Etc.

**ACCLAIMED** Rafat Alam (Faculty of Arts & Science)

Rafat Alam has been serving as the GMUFA president since May, 2019. He was a member of the FANC working group in 2019-20. Rafat has served as the President at a difficult time period for the University and GMUFA with budget cuts, Pandemic and Health Leave of the GMUFA ED.  

GMUFA will go through critical phases over the next two years with continued budgetary and pandemic related impacts, Alberta 2030 strategic vision impacts and GMUFA’s transition to a full-fledged union.

Rafat wants to continue to serve GMUFA as president for another two years in this critical transition time.  


Faculty of Arts & Science:


Monica Davis (Biological Sciences)

Monica has been a Lab Instructor in Biological Sciences since 2016.  She completed her PhD at the University of Alberta then a post-doc at Stockholm University.  Monica has served on the Biological Sciences Animal Care Committee and Safety Committee, been the vice chair of the Academic Women’s and Gender Equity Network, and is known to be an outspoken advocate for empathy for students, faculty, and support staff. 

Monica has passion for addressing the issues that face all faculty, and knows that taking on a role on the FA board is an excellent way to support her colleagues.



Alissa Overend (Sociology)

Alissa Overend (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology) has been at MacEwan since 2008. Alissa has served two years as a member of the Joint Committee for the Management of the Agreement (JCMA) and one year as a member of the Faculty Association Negotiations Committee (FANC).

She has also served on various Departmental, Faculty, and University level committees outside the Faculty Association, including co-chairing the FAS Executive Committee and Coordinating the Gender Studies Minor. Her teaching and research interests include the sociology of health and nutrition; social inequality; and contemporary theory.

Alissa is an advocate for equitable post-secondary working conditions for all FA members.    



**ACCLAIMED** Timothy Anderson (Communication Studies)

Seeking a second term as FFAC rep, Timothy Anderson has taught at MacEwan since 2005. He previously taught for Extension at U of A and Music at UOttawa. He has worked on CIHR- and SSHRC-funded research teams, including at U of A with CRC Dr. Wendy Austin.

His degrees include an MFA (UBC), B.Journalism/PoliSci (Carleton), B.Mus. (Ottawa), and the Voluntary Sector Management Program (York – Schulich School of Business). Before joining academia he had a career in writing, book publishing and arts management, and he worked internationally as a performer in theatre and music. He has been a member of OPSEU, ACTRA and CAEA and believes the key to a good union is member engagement. 


Jody Marshall (Allied Health & Human Performance)

I’m Jody Marshall and have been teaching at MacEwan since 2001. I am a tenured associate professor in the Department of Allied Health and Human Performance. I teach both onsite and online courses in the Therapist Assistant program.

Professionally, I am a speech-language pathologist; I primarily teach the speech-language pathologist assistant students but also teach OTA/PTA and Corrections students in an Interpersonal Communication course. Being at MacEwan for many years has given me the opportunity to become familiar with not only my program but also many others in H&CS.

I feel I am well positioned to represent the issues of the various H&CS departments on the GMUFA Board.


Shauna Pilipchuk (Human Services and Early Learning)

I have been a sessional instructor at MacEwan University since 1993 teaching with the Disability Studies and the Educational Assistant programs.

I am currently President of the Alberta Disability Workers Association where I have been a board member since its inception in 2010. As a MacEwan Alumni, I take great pride in the high-quality educational experience that we provide our students. This can only be achieved with stellar faculty at our foundation. We need a strong association which advocates and supports faculty to do their best work.

I would be honoured to represent the Faculty of Health & Community Studies.


**ACCLAIMED* Michael Buhr (University Preparation Program)

Michael Buhr teaches science and math in MacEwan’s University Preparation program.  Michael served as Head Instructor of University Preparation from 2017 to 2020.  As Head Instructor, he was a member of various hiring committees and coordinated the submission of Science 30 for approval by the Provincial Academic Upgrading Committee.       

Michael has been a member of Academic Governance Council (2016 – 2018), Academic Governance Council Executive Committee (2016 – 2018) and Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (2018-2019).   

Michael is currently a member of the School of Continuing Education Executive Committee and Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee.   


**ACCLAIMED** Leslie Dawson (Faculty of Arts & Science)

Dr. Leslie Dawson is a sessional faculty member and has taught a variety of face-to-face, online, and blended anthropology courses at MacEwan since 2000. She served on the GMUFA Constitution and Bylaws Committee and as sessional representative on the AEPS Departmental Council.

Leslie currently serves as Sessional Representative on the GMUFA Board and as GMUFA Board coordinator for Public Interest Alberta (PIA) and their “Post-Secondary Education is the Answer” campaign to speak out for greater investment in PSE.

Given her experience serving as a voice for sessional faculty, Leslie is seeking reelection as Sessional Representative on the GMUFA Board.