Membership Information

How We Can Help

The Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association works to assist our members in a number of ways.

  1. GMUFA is a professional organization that represents the interests of its members in creating the best possible ethical and collegial teaching and learning environment at the university
  2. GMUFA can advise and support  you if you have concerns about your workload. There are specific procedures under the collective agreement to deal with a variety of concerns.
  3. GMUFA acts in its professional capacity to help members resolve workplace disputes that are not necessarily formal grievances.  We can assist you to work with your department, chair, dean or university administration to resolve those issues before they may become grievances.
  4. GMUFA will assist you and represent you if you have a formal grievance under the collective agreement. If arbitration is necessary, GMUFA will assist you.
  5. GMUFA can assist you if you are a chair who is facing challenges with university administration or with faculty or staff in your department/program.

Any consultations you have with us will always be confidential.