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Oct 05 2018

Fall General Membership Meeting with Special Meeting to Follow

Our next General Membership Meeting will be held on November 7 at 12:00PM in Room 9-201. A further announcement of the agenda will be forthcoming. 

In accordance with the GMUFA Constitution and Bylaws, a Special Meeting will be held immediately following the GMM in the same location. The purpose of that meeting will be to discuss two proposed amendments to the GMUFA's Constitution and Bylaws. Electronic voting will commence from 3:00PM on November 7 until 12:00PM on November 13. The vote will consider the following extraordinary resolutions:

  1. That Bylaw #1 (Membership) be repealed
  2. That Article 4 of the GMUFA's Constitution be amended to the following:
    • 4. MEMBERSHIP 
      Members of the GMUFA are all individuals who are designated as academic staff by decision of the Board of Governors of Grant MacEwan University in accordance with the Post-Secondary Learning Act, from the commencement of their appointment to the end of their appointment. Notwithstanding the above, members with Sessional appointments continue their membership for an additional period of 12 months following the end of such appointment.

Please plan to attend the GMM (agenda to follow) and the Special Meeting to discuss these important changes to our Constitution and Bylaws. For a short information sheet explaining why these changes are necessary, click here(this is also available in the Member's Vault).

Have questions? Contact the office at or reach out to a GMUFA Board Member