Sep 25 2019

Edmonton 1919 Concert & Seminar

You’ve probably heard about the Maria Dunn Concert and Film-Showing Tour being planned for October as part of our commemoration of the ‘Great Labour Revolt’ that swept across Canada in 1919, at the end of World War One.  A large number of Alberta workers were involved in the unprecedented strikes and protests that changed the course of labour history in our province and country forever.

 Workers in the Edmonton area were amongst those who took to picket lines and protest rallies to express their anger and disagreement with the price-gouging and profiteering that took place, as industrialists and friends of government took advantage of the War to make windfall profits while workers died in the battlefields and made sacrifices at home. Public and private sector workers struck in sympathy with the 35,000 workers who went out in the Winnipeg General Strike which began on May 15, 1919, and ended six weeks later with a bloody police charge on ‘Bloody Saturday’, June 21. They also struck for reasons in their own workplaces and communities.

 We cannot forget the spirit of resistance that surfaced in 1919, and is still alive in Alberta today, as workers face an uncertain future after a recent provincial election and an upcoming federal election. The Labour Revolt of 1919 reminds us that we can only expect decent conditions in the workplace and justice in our society when were are prepared to fight for them. 

 We need your help to make the Concert and Film Event planned for the Ukrainian Centre in Edmonton on Friday evening, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th a success. (See Edmonton Event Agenda) 

Please write to our President Alvin Finkel at to tell him you are coming. Or you can contact me by e-mail or at the cell number below. 

See you at the Ukrainian Centre on October 11-12th.


In solidarity,

Winston Gereluk

Alberta Labour History Institute.

  C: 780.668.8119