Dec 15 2017

Fair Copyright Campaign

The federal Copyright Act is under legislative review. The review may roll back important rights, including fair dealing that the education community fought for decades to achieve. 

To defend these past victories, and advance new rights, it is important for academic staff associations and their members to participate in CAUT’s Fair Copyright campaign. 

During the first weeks of the winter semester, we would like to encourage our members to: 

  • Read a Public Service Announcement in class on the importance of fair copyright. 
  • Take a selfie with their publications or other creations and share it on social media using the message: I am a creator and I support fair dealing. #fairdealingworks #faircopyright
  • Encourage students to take a picture of their textbook receipts and share on social media with the message using the hashtags #fairdealingworks #faircopyright
  • Share our resources – show this video at a meeting and in the classroom, put up a poster and distribute information to colleagues and students to help them learn more about what is at stake.
  • Encourage everyone you know to sign CAUT’s petition calling for the protection of the fair dealing rights of academic staff and students.

 To learn more about the Copyright Act review and what it means for academic staff, read our latest Education Review