Dec 01 2017

Urgent Action Appeal: Justice for Hassan Diab

At the November 24-26 meeting of Council, delegates passed a resolution calling for renewed efforts to press the Canadian government to secure the release of Dr. Hassan Diab. At the request of an appeal from the Hassan Diab Support Committee, CAUT is urging member associations to participate in an email and telephone campaign on Wednesday, November 29 to lobby for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene in the case. 


Dr. Diab is a Canadian citizen who was a lecturer at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa before he was extradited to France where he has been imprisoned for over three years without charge on suspicion of being involved in a 1980 bombing in Paris. An analysis of the physical evidence has shown that Dr. Diab’s handwriting, physical description, fingerprints, and palm print do not match those of the suspect. Moreover, French investigating judges have repeatedly concluded that there is “consistent evidence” that he was in Beirut, and not Paris, at the time of the bombing. 

Four different French judges have ordered Dr. Diab’s release on bail eight times in the last 18 months. However, each time the prosecutor appealed, and all release orders have been overturned. He remains in a French prison without charge.


 Take Action

On Wednesday November 29, please call Prime Minister Trudeau’s office at 1-613-992-4211, fax him at 1-613--941-6900, or send an email through the form available here. You may also call his constituency office (Papineau, Quebec) at 1-514-277-6020.

 When calling or emailing, please convey the following message:

 “I am calling to strongly urge Prime Minister Trudeau to intervene personally, directly, and immediately by asking President Macron to secure Hassan Diab’s release and facilitate his return to Canada. Hassan has been in prison for over three years, despite the fact that there is consistent evidence that he is innocent. Four different French judges have ordered his release eight times, yet he remains in prison in France.  This is a violation of Hassan’s fundamental rights, and I want them restored by having him returned to his home and family in Canada.”